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Women Hunting Alaska

We're dedicated to helping women find the perfect adventure in Alaska. We cater particularly to women that want to step beyond the normal female stereotype and experience what it feels like to go hunting in the unsurpassed beauty of Alaska. Come with an open heart and a lust for experiencing what it means to be alive.

We will find a guide that matches your perspective.


Why Women?

Face it, women big game hunters are a small unique group. By understanding your interests and values we match you with a registered or master guide who is respectful to women hunters and honors your philosophy of hunting.
  • You may not only want to bag the trophy animal but also want the hunting process to be rewarding and uplifting.
  • You may want to share the hunt by bringing your children, friend or husband with you into the field.
  • You may be new to hunting and want training in shooting or hunting skills
  • You may want an Alaska Fishing Experience in the wilderness.
  • You may may prefer day excursions without hunting or after a successful hunt.
  • You probably want to experience the wild side of nature and yourself.
We understand that as a women your needs may be different and we know how to make it work for you.

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alaska hunting guide

alaska hunting guide